The Use of Smart Electrical Grid in Developing Countries

smart grid in developing country

Electrical grid is indeed important part in our life. It is hard to imagine what kind of life we would be without it. Electrical grid helps generating, transmitting, and delivering electricity to homes and business to meet the needs.

In fact, electrical grid now has become more powerful and useful.

It is due to the advanced technology which keeps improving. Advanced countries has used smart electrical grid to gain more benefits such as reliability, security, availability, and efficiency.

How about developing countries? Do they also start using smart grid just like those advanced countries?

smart grid in developing country
smart grid in developing country

The possibility of smart electrical grid use in developing countries

There is no doubt that the demand of electricity keeps increasing all around the world. It is hard now to live without electricity because most devices and equipment are integrated with electrical power. In developing countries, smart devices have been used as well.

This leads to higher demand of electricity. Electrical grid is one of the biggest breakthroughs to provide electricity in both large and small scale efficiently.

It is one of the reasons many developing countries start considering smart electrical grid now.

Developing countries need more electricity to support their effort in many sectors such as infrastructures.

Smart grid is a solution to help them build their countries. Smart grid is not meant to increase the amount of energy produced and generated by the power plants.

However, it helps to distribute electricity to fulfill demands of consumers through high-tech power infrastructure and system. As the result, there is two-way communication made between energy producer and consumers.

smart grid in developing country
smart grid in developing country

Most developing countries rely on coal as their main energy resource to produce electricity. However, coal has been predicted to extinct in 2025.

This forces them to develop renewable energy generation which uses alternative energy resources such as wind, solar, and water.

Furthermore, the approach of smart system in smart grid makes electricity distribution more efficient.

The distribution of electricity is more integrated with lower expenses. This helps developing countries to save their capital growth.

In this 21st century, smart electrical grid provides features in high-technology resulted in more efficient electrical distribution and consumption.

It also lowers the risk of outages which often cause big loss and accidents.

Smart electrical grid offer reliability, availability, and security in electricity use that developing countries can take advantage of. Therefore, the use of smart electrical grid in developing countries is indeed beneficial in many ways.