Understanding More about Smart Electrical Grid

smart grid

You may have heard a lot about smart grid in the last few years. Electrical grid is a network transmission of lines, substations, as well as transformers which has role to deliver electricity from the power plant to every places needed.

Electric grid is one of the biggest invention that human ever made. Just imagine how to generate high voltage-electricity and store it safely without power plant or the grid. The energy won’t be used as effectively as today. However, electrical grid is not that new. It was built in 1890s.

smart grid
smart grid

However, electrical grid in the past had many flaws such as inefficient infrastructure, wasted energy, and uncontrolled lines. That is why we keep improving electrical grid with as technology keeps advancing as well.

Why is it called smart grid?

There are more than 9,200 electric generating units containing more than 1 million megawatts. They are connected to hundred thousand transmission lines. As mentioned earlier that the old electrical grid had flaws which make generating and transmission process are not efficient.

Thanks to advanced technology, electrical grid today is equipped with digital technology. Aside from generating electricity and delivering it to home or https://dadupokerqq.com/or business, it has many features to extend the function. The features are computerized which results in more complex function to fulfill the need of electricity in this modern life.

smart grid
smart grid

Smart electrical grid allows two way communications between the utility and the customers. The changes and improvements of electrical grid provide more control as well as automation which can effortlessly respond to the changes demand in electricity digitally.

As we all know that the demand of electricity keeps increasing. However, electric demand is different from one place to another. For example, business needs more electricity than homes because they use heavy devices requiring high-voltage electricity to function properly.

Thus, smart electricity grid allows the transmission lines to deliver the electricity as needed. However, the delivery is still monitored and controlled digitally.

It is no doubt that with knowledge and advanced technology a real smart electrical grid is made. The grid today is enhanced by information technology. As the result, it is not only function to deliver electricity but also has turned into an intelligent network.

Even if electrical grid has been improved, there is high possibility that the improvements not stop here. There is always a way to optimize its effectiveness and performance to suit with the growing demands of higher and better interconnections.