Finding Out More Fun Facts about Electrical Grid

facts about electrical grid

It is not a surprise that we often take electrical grid for granted. We often forget about it but once the electricity absent, you just realize how powerful it is the role of electricity in our life.

It is often that we don’t think too much about how electricity is produced, generated, transmitted, or delivered to our home.

facts about electrical grid
facts about electrical grid

There is so much credit we should give to electrical grid especially to the smart one that keeps improving its reliability, availability and effectiveness to fulfill our needs.

Interesting facts about electrical grid you want to know

You must have realized that we are not alone in this world. There are seven billions other people living on this planet. Every human being need electricity to keep living. That is why we keep searching for energy resource to produce electricity that we need.

Energy resources are varied such as coal, nuclear, wind, hydro, natural gas, etc. When the energy is produced and generated, electrical grid takes it to be transmitted and delivered to different places where electricity is needed either homes or business.

Now we understand a little bit more about what electrical grid is and how it works. Then, it will be more fun to find out more about interesting facts about electrical grid that we are not aware until now. Here they are:

  • There are 450,000 miles of power line in America only to provide their 318 million people living there. Those lines are complex but they are there to provide electricity from power plants to various places. Electrical grid today is equipped and protected with more resilient features to prevent from cyber- Digital era makes electrical grid infrastructure and system more prone to cyber-attacks and that is why the security is improved to avoid such threat.
  • facts about electrical grid
    facts about electrical grid
  • Electricity disruption can cause havoc in general. It affects many things such as traffic, communication, banking, security, and many more. The world’s biggest cause of it is severe weather especially in winter. The threat goes higher during winter when heavy storm cause domino effect of power outages.
  • The system in new and smart electrical grid has been improved to suit our needs. In fact, smart electrical grid has ability to predict and address emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, large solar flares, etc. This ability is the result of two-way communications which makes it able to automatically rerouting when there is a sign of emergency and gives immediate report through digital computerization.